Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Natural Skin Care from your Kitchen

Most of the women spend a fortune on beauty. We try just about anything to make us more beautiful. But these beauty products are either expensive or not effective. When we are tired of all the over-the-counter beauty products that promises us an instant effect which by the way didn’t happen most of the time, here are some of the easy, no-fuss solutions to some of the beauty problems that you may have:

Hair & Scalp

* Dandruff – Use tomato juice
in your hair, it soothes dry, itchy scalp by removing the scales and replaces its pH balance.

*Dry Hair – Mayonnaise works well as a deep conditioning treatment mask. Mayonnaise
has egg yolks that supply the hair with protein, vinegar that normalizes the pH balance of your hair, and vegetable oils that lubricate hair follicles.

*Dull Hair – Pure fruit juices bring back life and color into your hair. Pure lemon
juice brings out the shine and enhances the highlights in all hair types. Cranberry juice brings out the highlights in dark brown hair.


* Dark under eye circles / eye puffiness – Apply ice cubes
, cold water, tea, wet tea bags, milk or slices of either cucumber or potatoes over your eyes. Let it stay for about 10 minutes to allow the delicate tissues under your eyes to tighten and shrink to normal.

* Tired eyes – Saturate a huge piece of cotton with cold milk, place it over your eyes and relax for 15 minutes. Rinse afterwards. Or you can use an ice cube, composes of water and chamomile tea. To make this, fill an ice tray w/ water halfway then pour up chamomile tea to make up the other half. Freeze. Then just rub around your eyes when your eyes feel tired.

Face & Skin

* Wrinkles and lines – Smooth wrinkles and lines on your forehead by applying cooking oil or olive oil
on them. Oil contains fatty acids similar to the composition of the skin fat and therefore complements the skin.

* Low surface blackheads – exfoliate using cornmeal, oatmeal or sea salt.

* Deep-seated blackheads – Put on a facial mask that is made up of some mixture of 2 tbsp cornmeal, 2 tbsp sesame oil and 5 tbsp of plain yogurt
. Apply this on your face for seven consecutive days.

* Dry facial skin – Make a cornmeal scrub by mixing two teaspoons of cornmeal with just enough honey to make a paste. Using your fingertips, apply the concoction on your face with circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. This will lift up dead skin cells and give way to new, fresh, and rosy skin.

* Flaky skin – Just rub either avocado or lemon on affected areas and let it stay for 15 minutes. You can also use egg yolk for this purpose.

Hey hey hey if you think you have no time for these things and you have some extra money for your improvements, there are a lot of products in the market which you can easily buy, but always remember there’s no better way to do it other than to go natural.